AMTSO - Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization

The Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization (AMTSO®) is an international non-profit association that focuses on addressing the global need for improvement in the objectivity, quality and relevance of anti-malware testing methodologies.

AMTSO is a community of over 60 security and testing companies from around the world. They create objective standards and best practices for testing of anti-malware and related products.

Active since 2008, AMTSO aims to drive improvement in all forms of testing of anti-malware and related security solutions. They achieve this through regular member meetings and active online collaboration, bringing testers and vendors together to share their experiences and ideas.

AMTSO develops and maintains the Testing Protocol Standard, a framework for fair, open and trustworthy testing of security solutions and publish details of all tests following the Standard.

They also develop and publish detailed guidelines and best practices documents covering various important issues in testing.

AMTSO have free available tools for users to check their security products are properly configured – the AMTSO Security Features Check (SFC).

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