Top three ways to protect yourself from a Cyber Attack

1. Purchase malware protection

Malware protection can protect you from a cyber in multiple ways. You scan your PC at anytime to search for any installed viruses or you can enable real-time protection that will monitors your 24/7 for dangerous activity and will block any harmful threats or possible incoming attacks. Malware protection will also create a firewall that will block any unwanted network connections keeping your personal information personal.

 2. Secure Configurations

Networks and devices that use the factory settings/ default standard configurations are the easiest prey for cyber attackers. To prevent an attack from an unwanted hacker ,ensure that you change default passwords, remove any unnecessary or unused user accounts. As well as this, disable any unapproved default connections on desktop PC’s and laptops. Finally limit data permissions, this will limit the extent of damage. This means that only a subset of data will be affected.

3. Data Backup

A common practice to start is to regularly back up your data. This won't protect you from a cyber attack however, if you do become a victim you will still have your precious files, family photos and other sensitive information. It is best to frequently backup your data at least once a month to the cloud or a remote location away from system you are protecting. There are also a wide variety of automated backup solutions that can manage this an auto update as frequently as you like. These also allow you to test your restores to ensure that they can be deployed effectively in the unfortunate event of an attack.