What is Cyber security?

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security is the technologies, processes and controls that are specifically designed to protect computer systems, networks and data from cyber attacks and, to prevent any unauthorised users accessing personal information.

How do Cyber Security attacks happen?

For a cyber attacker to gain access to your network or device they exploit vulnerabilities in a company's security armoury. In 2015 the government issued an explanation on the three mains types of vulnerabilities.


Flaws are unintentional errors in design that are exploited by attackers. Ensure that you have proper patch management, this is so you proactively update software updates are brought out to stop hackers getting into the systems and gain unauthorised access.


User Error

Regardless of how modern, well designed or state-of-the-art security systems are, these can be quickly undone due to user error. Strict policies and training  are constantly taking place to ensure that employees can identify and know how to respond in the presence of a critical cyber attack.


Features are elements that are integrated into software for the intention to maximise and enhance the experience for the user. However, this can be manipulated by cyber attackers to breach a system, device or network.