How to remove a Trojans Horse Virus

Removing a Trojan Horse

Removing a trojan can be simple if you have any good antivirus system installed. Perform a system scan to source the virus and then delete the virus. It can be this simple. If nothing is picked up by the antivirus but you suspect something contact their support team as soon as possible.

How to Stay Protected:

  • The first step to internet security is to install an internet security suite. Run regular diagnostic system scans with this suite. You can set this up to run scans at set intervals so you don't have to but you'll always be aware of any viruses.

  • Stay clear of unsafe websites that could infect your computer. Most Internet security suites include a component alerting you that the site you’re about to visit is unsafe.

  • If a operating system releases a software update you should update as soon as possible. Hackers tend to exploit security holes in outdated software programs. In addition to operating system updates, you should also check for updates on other software that you use too.

  • Steer away from downloading attachments or clicking on links in unfamiliar emails.

  • Protect accounts with complex, unique passwords and use a secure and trusted password vault to store them.

  • Finally, you should always keep your personal information safe with firewalls.