Main Benefits of Using VPN to Help Protect Privacy Online

In today’s thriving internet age, we create countless information trails, and government agencies, ISP (Internet Service Providers), law enforcement, search engines, and even social media platforms, inadvertently make life easier for dark corners to collect and snoop on our data. So, naturally, with cyber crime a major threat, some internet users have heightened their security measures by employing the protection of a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

First off, why do services and agencies gather and distribute so much data? While it’s true that not all of them have inherently criminal or questionable intentions, many do stand to make a great profit from passing around data – unbeknownst to their users – by selling it to advertising marketers and networks. In the wrong hands, compromised data can lead to identity theft, extortion schemes, and worse – problems we’d rather do without.

With a VPN, you can bolster your online privacy in a big way. Of course, bulletproof anonymity can never be guaranteed on the internet, but the benefits are pretty clear to see. One main benefit is that a VPN allows you to escape the watchful eye of your ISP by protecting not only your online privacy but also shielding any personal information – or any type of data – that you give or receive. With a VPN in tow, your ISP won’t be making a quick buck from data-selling since your online world will now be private.

This enhanced security can also aid you in public places that are generally considered to be risky and potentially perilous for surfing online, such as hotels, cafés and airports (due to most WiFi connections being unencrypted, therefore more vulnerable). A VPN can also protect you from today’s invasive, widespread online tracking, and some services allow you to connect from numerous locations around the world and cloak your identity and physical location.

Many companies offer protection across all devices, meaning desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones can receive VPN online privacy in or out of the home. As always, do your homework before signing up with a provider, ensuring they are reputable, and that their services are secure and meet your individual needs.