Are Malwarebytes the Best Malware Cleaner?

Malwarebytes have been around for years fighting malware. Malwarebytes have a very loyal following but in recent times users have looked to use another antivirus along side Malwarebytes.

Malwarebytes are a great tool to remove any issues you have so many computer users stick to a regular antivirus then occasionally run malwarebytes to remove any additional threats.

'Malware' (or malicious software), is currently a huge issue in everyday online life. Specifially designed to gain access to your computer, and damage it from the inside without you knowing. These pieces of software can go deeper and deeper into your machine, making them harder to locate and almost impossible to fix without the right tools.

Who is the best malware protection? With so much out there it can sometimes be hard establish just which anti malware is the best for you to use. 

A lot of malware cleaners will claim to protect you against Malware threats, but a lot only scratch the surface. A malware scanner will search the most commonly used file locations, they will pick up some issues and keep you updated when you get more and try to remove them. But they do not stop the problems at the source.

Services like Scanguard differ from that, providing you with a full system scan solution to locate and remove all Malware threats, and provide realtime protection against new threats trying to access your pc.

Don't currently have protection? You can download Scanguard's free malware scanner to find out what problems have snuck in undetected.

Currently protected? You can also download Scanguard's free scan to see if your current solution has missed any issues. You might find a surprising result.

So, which malware cleaner do I need? You need Scanguard.