Will antivirus software find all viruses?

A virus is a file on a computer with malicious intent. It can harm your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet by disrupting program flow, contaminating device. This type of software is something you wouldn’t want to have because of the danger it will cause your computer. An antivirus is a software that can detect and remove any virus in your system removing malicious software you may have picked up in the process of downloading something .

To ensure that no harm can be done to your device an antivirus software is available to either stop unwanted adware or remove it if your machine is already infected. This is to ensure that your important files or program will be safe and secure. It is vitally important that you use antivirus software as you may not even be aware that you have picked up a virus, some viruses make your computer slow and sluggish however some don’t have that effect but can still do major damage to your PC.

A long standing question with any antivirus software is, will it detect all of the viruses on any devices? Or will there be holes in your antiviruses net which will allow vicious software to remain on your machine? There are a few elements to that answer, a good antivirus software, if used properly should catch ANY malicious viruses housed. However this will only be the case if you use your antivirus software frequently, you may think that if you perform one scan and then fix all of the issues your antivirus detects that you are safe. WRONG, computer viruses are very much like human viruses in the fact that they evolve and adapt. Your antivirus software also evolves and adapts to stay up to date with all of the latest malicious software that is released onto the internet. So regular scans and real time scans are important if you want your antivirus software to pick up every single threat!