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Bullguard, founded in 2001 is a privately held software company who concentrate on internet and mobile security. They’ve developed award-winning antivirus tools, parental controls and also mobile backup software. They are a widespread company with offices spread over 8 countries; UK, Denmark, Romania, Sweden, Germany, Australia and the US! The company has managed to grasp 6 prestigious national awards over the years for it’s market-leading protection.

  • Features - 6
  • Security - 9
  • Support - 6
  • Affordability - 7


Just like nearly all security suites, you’ll get a choice of basic, standard and premium (terminology may differ) but essentially you usually get 3 levels of protection. In BullGuard’s case it doesn’t differ from the typical layout, you get Antivirus, Internet Security and Premium Protection, Antivirus being the Renault Clio and Premium being the Lamborghini so to speak. So as you’d expect features will be limited on the basic Antivirus suite, but we are quite disappointed especially when considering the price. You get 3 main features which are as follows; Real-time protection, Safe browsing and a Spam filter. We understand that this is the standard feature set for a basic suite but at least reduce the price tag! On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got Premium protection. A product bursting with features which also includes BullGuard’s online backup software, with 25 gigs worth of storage! Not bad considering BullGuard backup is being sold at almost $35 per year.



When put up against AVG, Avast, Eset and Microsoft’s in an AVTest Bullguard came out on top, scoring an overall score of 17.5/18.0 and also achieving a maximum of 6 out of 6 points in protection against malware infections and PC performance! So naturally you’d assume that BullGuard is a top quality product and of course it is! Amazon reviews coming in at 4.5/5 also supports the fact that BullGuard is a quality product with customer’s saying things like this - “I love Bullguard, it does exactly what it should but is not intrusive. I also think the live chat support feature is brilliant & I would recommend this above all other security suites.” We would definitely say something along these lines too! Great work BullGuard.

  • AV Test - 99.20%
  • AV Comparatives - 98.40%


Support, is one of the main factors that can sway someone to change their mind over a competing product. Bullguard do the fundamentals well - they’ve produced an easy to navigate support site, with great search and FAG sections and that’s without mentioning their live chat which supports 6 different languages! English support is open 24/7! Does it cost? No, if you’ve purchased any of their products you get free support, even if you’re only within a ‘free-trial’ period you still get treated like a paying customer, which is awesome! A slight pitfall is the lack of phone support, but with the internet getting bigger by the second this isn’t such an issue. Live chat is the quickest and easiest way of contacting a customer advisor anyway!



Value for money probably isn’t BullGuard’s strongest point - the feature set you get for the price isn’t the best when compared to market competition. Even without looking at the feature set of other suites on the market it’s easy to see that BullGuard is at the top of the scale. Most companies will give you the choice of Multi-device support which then brings down the cost per device down significantly and then you don’t mind paying a little extra per year, but we feel BullGuard are quite harsh when it comes to adding more devices. To extend the license by 2 computers you’ll have to pay around $35 per year, which we feel is definitely over priced! Even though BullGuard is a little on the expensive side, will it still be your choice or a deal-breaker? Will the feature set and support point you towards them or not?

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David Morgan - 07/15/2020

Have removed Bullguard from my Dell Laptop and increased the speed by 100%. Had this software for many years but recent updates effectively killed my machine.

Isla - 03/19/2020

I don't know why but it cant delete this virus that was put onto my computer. its called Kaspersky "safe" kids but its not allowing me to see what shit is. I can totally see that its not working.

Angela - 09/10/2019

I bought a 3 year internet subscription and they haven’t supplied the 3 years. I use my iPad mostly and found some months ago that I’m not covered anymore. I cannot contact them by phone or email and am quite annoyed they took my money and have not covered me for the 3 years probably for only 1 year I was covered 🤨☹️

MR Walter - 01/13/2019


Stephen Pettine - 06/05/2017

BullGuard doesn't live up to its being reliable in fully living up to the consumer's expectations. Let's be frank: BullGuard is a misnomer; rather more like BullShit instead.

David Storey - 01/24/2017

I treated myself on ' black Friday ' to 2 years ' Premium ' and enjoy the many features including cleanup and optimise. Great at blocking stuff you don't want to download with a choice given. The updates are very regular.Online security is brill, having saved me from a few disasters already. Well worth the money. I'd give a personal 5 stars having used Bitdefender and Avast before which were ok, but Bullguard for me from now on.

Linda - 01/19/2017

Works perfectly for me!!

stan adams - 01/14/2017

never again, stuck with a product that not working correctly. After 2 weeks trying to resolve issues, bullguard support are not answering my emails.

Bryn Smith - 01/09/2017

Would love to leave a positive review but for the life of me I just can't.

Dustin Schmidt - 12/13/2016

Pricing is a bit iffy and so for that it's a bad review for me.

Simon Langford - 11/23/2016

this software doesn't even deserve a review - I wish there was a double thumbs down I could use. Service is non existent to begin with, and you get billed more than you think you're being billed.

Rachael Mitchell - 11/17/2016

Not heard much about Bullguard, but thought I'd give them a go. No complaints as of yet.