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Mcafee is an antivirus giant, now owned by Intel (since 2011) is probably the most well known security software out there. However, in 2014, Intel confirmed that they were going to drop the Mcafee branding and concentrate on a design much like the rest of their products. The software itself is still feels like a McAfee product, even with the re-skin of the interface from intel, and of course still picks up those nasties as effectively, if not more efficiently than ever before! Intel have also introduced products for small businesses and enterprises, which would make sense seen as Intel’s market is so broad. Pushing a commercial product like this to their clients in the commercial world should be easy, but does that mean you should use their product?

  • Features - 7
  • Security - 8
  • Support - 8
  • Affordability - 7


The feature set from their Total Protection suite is exceptional in comparison to the opposition. You not-only get an antivirus but also password storing, anti-spam and encryption software all built into the one package. It seems like McAfee are concentrating on preventing malicious attacks rather than just dealing with the problem when it occurs, which is a step-above the rest and should give you a lot of confidence when using this sleek software suite.



Reports and tests prove that Mcafee is very good at detecting what’s good and what’s bad, which ultimately means the end user won’t get frustrated from legitimate software being banished to quarantine - this makes for a top-notch user experience, along with the polished user interface and immense feature set.

  • AV Test - 100.00%
  • AV Comparatives - 99.40%


Like most antivirus/security company website’s you get a dedicated support centre to guarantee you can find the solution to any problem. Just like Norton, you get a categorical breakdown of supports sections and search functionality. However unlike Norton you can’t get into live chat without filling a form out - the form idea seems to be a universal idea from security companies, implemented some way or another probably to prevent spam on their sites. It may take a little longer for you to connect to a support representative however you are guaranteed a great service. A bit of typing before connecting means you don’t have to introduce yourself and answer the generic ‘get to know you’ questions when joining the chat or phone call - which of course will save your time! Oh and at peak times, we waited an average of 2 minutes to get connected, which we think is awesome!



Mcafee Total protection is the top of the range antivirus suite they offer and at only $44.95/year obviously this is a great saving and we’d definitely say it’s worth shelling out whilst the offer is still valid. The product is an award winner so this implies the product is going to exceed expectations, along with its huge feature set (much more than just an antivirus package) and fresh new design it’s definitely worth a look! To top it all off, Mcafee say you can ‘Protect every device you own with the same subscription at no extra cost’. This completely obliterates the competition by eliminating the idea of extra licenses for additional devices, which is outstanding value for money!

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Zen Dsk


Josephine Kaaho

After going through my bank details, I would like my payment of $164.95 refunded to my bank account as I no longer need or want this. I have tried several times to remove or unsubscribe from this but to no avail. I have received 2 automated emails to say that this will be done within 24 hrs and now we are going into 4 days. Please remove all my details incl my bank details asap.

Araceli Evers

I did not order your service. your charges just appear in my bill.i need a refund.



Jorge Ospina

I bought McAfee protection for 2 year. And you say I have to renew the protection. Just I want to know What I have to do. Please I need your Help. Thank. Jorge.

Shirley Sonneman

I have just paid today $109.95 FOR a 1year, for an update. I bought my first last year and cannot download this one I just paid. Order Confirmation #CS2489650670? Shirley Sonneman 7 February 2020 I would appreciate it if you would help me as soon as possible. I was on your support line more than 2 hours to day and was not helped.


I like it

Gayle Larsen

I have had McAfee Total Protection installed on my computer, Now, all of a sudden it says it cannot be assessed because I am not connected to the internet, This is not true. I am connected to the intern net. Please HELP


I purchased McAfee Retail card recently, I am unable to download it as I am told it is Invalid, already used, I purchased it from Argos. I have tried your support line but no help.



Dorothy Holman

I have paid for 2 years protection. Order confirmation is # CS2474295095. Please give me your phone number, I wish to talk to customer services.

Vickie Murray

I’m pleased to say that I have found satisfaction after a person of authority called and has offered me compensation. McAfee followed up twice and has now put customer service first. Thank you McAfee.

Vickie Murray

Five days later and no call back. My initial call on Aug 23; I cancelled the auto renewal and received a refund for the Sept 4/19 charge, since it is still August. I have yet to hear back regarding any retro reimbursement - I have been paying for ZERO protection since 2012 with no Notification from McAfee that they were charging me, but proving no service for this charge! McAfee looking out for their bottom line- NOT their customer.

Vickie Murray

I have had an Auto Renewal Security Agreement for 5 years. I receive an email from McAfee each year to inform me of the charge on my Credit Card, 79.99US /108.75 Cdn. Today when I tried to look into a Canadian product, I noticed my McAfee acct displayed I have 0 devices protected. I called, because all info online is in French and I have been paying for 5 yrs for ZERO protection! They can only protect a Windows device! BUT, THEY KEPT TAKING MY MONEY. I have a Apple product. All the charges came thru my Apple device, but no protection services. Someone was to call me back regarding retro reimbursement - hrs later no call.

Seweryn Pas

I bought / got a laptop from Curry's PC World and i got McAfee with it soon after i checked my email account made by curry's and it said my subscription ran out but once i got to my other email it was still active and running to this day it had removed some virus / virus downloads and there support are very nice and the site is easy to use and blocks adds if you know how to set it up also it doesn't cost much a year as its is £100 a year or £8 or £9 a month which is not much if you use your PC / laptop every day for work / school / gaming after all it is a very good antivirus.