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"Editors Choice" Removes all Viruses, Malware & Adware. AV-Test Top Product Award 2021. Built-in Internet Security
Fantastic Windows antivirus. Quick setup and simple to use. High protection level.
Good antivirus and security, parental control. AV-Test & AV Comparatives Certification.
Norton are a trusted brand and been in antivirus for many years. Av-test certification.
Well known virus software, AVG are reliable and relatively easy to use. VB100 & av-test certification.
Avast have many addon products built into the one app. VB100 & av-test certification.
Mcafee is good quality Antivirus software, slightly expensive. Av-test certification.
Good AV test lab scores but a little pricey, but good solid antivirus.
Malwarebytes famouse for predominately fighting malware. AV-Test participant.
Protects Against All Malware, Viruses & Adware. Includes Free Cleaner & Optimizer.

What to consider when choosing your Antivirus provider

There are many things to consider when choosing your antivirus provider. We have compiled a number of fact filled articles detailed around the antivirus to help you make the right decision. Stay up to date with all the latest Antivirus news.

Removing a Trojan Horse

Removing a trojan can be simple if you have any good antivirus system installed. Perform a system scan to source the virus and then delete the virus. It can be this simple. If nothing is picked up by the antivirus but you suspect something contact their support team as soon as possible.

How to Stay Protected:

  • The first step to internet security is to install an internet security suite. Run regular diagnostic system scans with this suite. You can set this up to run scans at set intervals so you don't have to but you'll always be aware of any viruses.

  • Stay clear of unsafe websites that could infect your computer. Most Internet security suites include a component alerting you that the site you’re about to visit is unsafe.

  • If a operating system releases a software update you should update as soon as possible. Hackers tend to exploit security holes in outdated software programs. In addition to operating system updates, you should also check for updates on other software that you use too.

  • Steer away from downloading attachments or clicking on links in unfamiliar emails.

  • Protect accounts with complex, unique passwords and use a secure and trusted password vault to store them.

  • Finally, you should always keep your personal information safe with firewalls.

What is a Trojan Horse?

The Trojan Horse virus takes its name from the Giant wooden horse that was used to trick the defenders of troy into sneaking soldiers into their city to ultimately win a war. How the modern day trojan horse works is by hiding malware in, what seems to be, a normal file. There a wide variety of hundreds different trojans viruses that can do many different tasks. The majority of trojans are typically aimed at taking control of a users computer, stealing data and inserting even more malware onto the computer. This can lead to banking data being stolen and passwords accounts being stolen.

How does this affect me?

Trojans are classified according to the type of actions that they can perform on your computer:

Backdoor: A Backdoor Trojan gives malicious users remote control to the infected computer. This enables the hacker to do anything they want with the infected system. They can send and receive or launch and delete files remotely. The main use for a Backdoor Trojan is to unite a large amount of infected computers for criminal purposes.

Trojan-Ransom: This can modify any piece of data on your computer so that your computer doesn’t run correctly. The criminal will only restore your computers performance or unblock your data, after you have paid them the ransom that they demand you pay in bitcoin.

Trojan-sms: This common Trojan will send texts to premium rate phone numbers.

Trojan-Spy:  Trojan Spy programs can spy on how you use your computer without your knowledge. An example of this is that they can track data you enter from the keyboard, take screenshots without your knowledge or take a list of running applications.