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360 security offers astonishing features for very little cost (nothing unless you feel you have to upgrade to remove ads). They support almost any device you could think of and their feature list is plentiful. They’ve been around since 2005 and was developed by Zhou Hongyi a Chinese software developer.

  • Features - 3
  • Security - 3
  • Support - 3
  • Affordability - 3


Now, we have reiterated the fact that 360 is more or less free, unless you opt for premium so you might be thinking features will be negatively affected. However, 360 offer a huge range of features in all of their packages from the standard antivirus and anti-malware features to wifi security, online shopping protection and cleaning/speeding up tools to make your device snappier. Some of the features seem like a slight afterthought but they still do their job, maybe in a future release they’ll be improved even more.



360 security has well over 500 million downloads, so you’d expect the quality of the product to be top-notch and you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that. The packages come embedded with multiple antivirus engines that work together to combat all threats. This improves the quality of the scans and the results show for it. We did notice a slight drop of performance when using the full scan on Windows but if you’re being protected by the quality of 360 I’m sure you could look past this?



Email support is their main vertical of contact, they offer no live support and don’t publicise a phone number. To be honest, if you haven’t paid for a product support shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It’s like getting a free gift, if you haven’t paid for it and it doesn’t work you aren’t going to call up complaining, are you? At the end of the day it’s free so don’t expect the world from them.



360 offer multiple packages ranging from full suites to mobile and mac protection and every version is free, apart from Premium Security. This works out at $13/year for 3 devices but we honestly can say for one of the first times that the premium package isn’t required. The only advantages of upgrading are to get an ad-free version of their product, if you can put up with this you won’t have to part with a single penny.

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K.Lester - 03/05/2019

Does the job. No problems encountered. Easy to use but, as with most security facilities, exercise control over how much freedom you give it. May consider upgrading from free to paid for version.

carlos - 01/31/2019

this is the worst. charges me nonstop.DONT GET

Bill - 12/06/2018

Great,love it